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Orlando Summer League Games 4 and 5

July 9, 2010

–The Jazz get out to an early lead.

–The Koof looking good early on. He’s still a little stiff and goes up weak on a layup attempt, but manages to get the offensive board and score.

–Rod Benson shining in the second quarter.

–What’s a basketball game without a little man love?

–Halftime: Rick Kamla expresses enthusiasm and excitement for “The Decision.” I feel like throwing up.

–Sundiata can’t hit a free throw to save his life.

–Hayward with a pretty pretty Dream Shake-esque move in the third.

–Kamla still going on about LBJ. Is NBATV owned by ESPN? Is Kamla owned by LBJ?

–Due to a 20-point lead, the 4th quarter is pretty much all garbage minutes. Lot of one-on-one going on.

–The Jazz coaching staff still in matching shirts today:

–New Jersey’s coaches don’t have matching shirts:

–The Koof is injured (bruised knee) and sitting this one out.

–Within minutes, the Jazz go on a 14-1 run. Even so, the first quarter ends with a score of 18-13. The 76ers can’t make a bucket to save their lives.

–With three guys (Benson, Nichols, Rice) having left for the Vegas Summer League and the Koof out, the Jazz are down to only 11 guys. The entire starting lineup is switched out midway through the 1st.

–The kids in the audience (with front row seats, no less) aren’t even watching the game. They seem to find their phones/video games more interesting.

–The Nets have an Obi and an Ebi on their roster.

–Jeremy Evans! Monster dunk after monster dunk after monster dunk. Let this be the official announcement that I am excited about Jeremy Evans. Dennis Scott is excited too; following Evans’ second dunk, he says, “You can never get tired of a lively body.”

–A Hayward “hoop and harm” in traffic pushes the lead to 21 with 1 minute left in the half. He hasn’t missed all night/morning/day/whatever. 3-3 from the floor, 5-5 FT.

–Once again, Phil is the only one that didn’t get one of the Jazz staff’s matching shirts. What’s up?

–The third quarter opens with Rick Kamla, Scott and Celtics Summer League Coach Austin Ainge talking about the Celtics’ Summer League team for 4 minutes of game time, which is 10+ minutes real time. The camera stops showing the game and focuses almost exclusively on the trio. You can see Kamla kind of glancing at the floor every minute or so as if to check whether the game is still going on. Meanwhile, their discussion of the Celtics is completely fascinating and relevant as the game currently being played is Jazz-76ers.

–The Ainge segment is finally over. Next up: LBJ propaganda. It may be a new day, but Kamla is still going on about how wonderful LBJ is. Does he know LBJ can’t hear him?

–The Jazz run away with this one. Final score: 85-56.

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