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Orlando Summer League Game 2

July 7, 2010

–I overslept by 15 minutes (even though I never meant to fall asleep), and missed the first 7 minutes. Apparently, I missed some of the Koof’s best work while out.

–Ty Corbin is coaching the Jazz; Patrick Ewing is coaching the Magic (which includes his son).

–James Augustine is thrilled to have a jersey with his name spelled correctly today.

–The Jazz get out to an early double-digit lead, but then get a little selfish and allow the Magic to get back into it.

–Breaking news announced during the first half: Chris Duhon, i.e. he who destroyed many a fantasy team with his paltry 8% shooting last year, has signed with the Magic.

–The Jazz coaching staff is adorably wearing matching outfits. Everyone say “Awwwwww…”

–I’m starting to wonder whether these games exist to showcase the players, or the refs. The refs are definitely winning; the game is just crawling along. I’m having a bit of difficulty concentrating because I keep yawning, and the cacophony of whistles is not helping.

–Nice lay-in by Yatta off a pick and roll to close the first half, 42-31 Jazz. 15 of 16 Jazz players got into the game in the first half; 13 of them scored. Dragicevic is the only one that didn’t play; his injury is day-to-day, but today isn’t the day.

–Gordon Hayward’s shot sure is purty.

–The Koof did not play his best game yesterday (to put it mildly), and I’m glad to see him doing better today. In my unqualified opinion, it’s all about confidence with him. It’s funny to think (especially yesterday) that if he weren’t playing on the Jazz’s summer league team right now, he’d be playing on the Greek national team.

–Tie game at 59-all with 9 minutes left.

–The NBA interrupts the broadcast to bring you The Ed Stefanski Show, which is clearly more important than the insignificance that is this game. Jazz-Magic is just sort of going on around the interview, and any time the camera pans to the game, it does so grudgingly (you can actually feel the camera’s unwillingness to leave Stefanski).

–You can’t see it as this is happening off-camera, but Phil Johnson has his hands full trying to restrain Jerry Sloan from going after Orlando’s Paul Davis, who is on the court with a severely untucked jersey.

–Speaking of Phil Johnson, why is he the only member of the Jazz coaching staff that didn’t get a matching shirt? Did they run out? Poor Phil.

–The Ed Stefanski Show is finally over. Orlando takes its first lead of the game with 3 minutes left on a Patrick Ewing Jr. FG. Hayward hits a 3 to give the Jazz a 4-point lead with 38 seconds left…

–[Sidebar: During the timeout, the camera is hungry for Gordon Hayward. As Rod Benson is standing directly in front of Hayward, we are treated to quite a long Benson ass shot. Boom Tho seems to be cognizant of this, and tries to cover his posterior with his towel. The camera then moves a few inches over to get a shot of Hayward from between Benson and the guy next to him. The whole sequence has a very voyeuristic, Peeping Tom feel to it. /End Sidebar]

…and then 4 FTs in the final 38 seconds to seal the Jazz win.

–A final look at the box score: Our point guards, Sundiata and Rice, combined for 11 TOs against 7 assists. The Koof had 4 blocks against 2 BAs. That’s encouraging. Koufos also racked up 13 & 11 in just 20 minutes. Carlos Boozer, what need have we of ye? Hayward scored 14 on 5 FGAs. Granted he has a little more job security than most of the other guys on the floor, but I’m impressed that he’s patiently taking good shots and not jacking the ball all game long.

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  1. July 8, 2010 4:17 am

    Who are you liking so far in the Summer league? It seems like they’re playing decently well, but I don’t know that I’ve seen any standouts aside from Koof, Gaines, and Hayward to a lesser degree.

    • July 8, 2010 7:06 am

      it’s hard to tell from the blurry stream that i watch (especially on defense), but i’ve liked hayward (easy answer) and augustine. i’m really rooting for the koof as well.


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