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Discovery of the Day: Andrei Kirilenko is a leftie?!

July 4, 2010

How did I not know this? Am I the only one whose notice this escaped? Carlos Boozer, please make room on the Throne of Ambidexterity for AK.

Something else you might have noticed while watching this video: LA Lakers fans don’t just look like dbags. They are dbags. Let’s take a look at some evidence (I have nothing but free time these days–boo to you, offseason–so I typed it all out for all the people out there with broken speakers, sleeping babies, aural dbag allergies, or whatever the case may be:

P.S. Love that guy that tells AK he drafts him in fantasy almost every year (0:11 mark)…Um, wait. What I meant to say was, I would love that guy if he weren’t a LAL fan.

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