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2010 NBA Draft Blog

June 25, 2010

-I LOVE the crowd for booing every time David Stern steps up to the podium.
–Hayward is sporting the AK haircut.

–Evan Turner’s tie is knee-length. I think he’s afraid of turning into the next Karl “Shorty Tie” Malone in future draft reviews.

–This year’s draft caps are truly awful.
–Wesley Johnson: red tie with yellow shirt? What?

–WJ is also sporting plaid pants. WTF?

–Can’t they just mic up teams’ draft rooms instead of hiring this crew to talk between picks?
–Can’t help but smile for Udoh.

–I repeat, can’t they just mic up teams’ draft rooms instead of having this crew talk between picks?
–David Stern paused before announcing the Clippers’ pick (just like he did before “Deron Williams” and “Yi Jianlian”). With that pause, we knew the Clippers were taking Al-Farouq Aminu.
–With the ninth pick…the Utah Jazz now has three guys with the Justin Bieber haircut. (note to self: go read up on Gordon Hayward.)

–I predict Hayward will eclipse Korver’s place in the hearts of the 9-14 female demographic by the second game of the season.
–OK…I’ve lost all interest in the draft now that that one moment in time we’ve been waiting for for years has passed.
–Paul George hates the limelight and has become one with the interview chair.

–Now I’m just suit-watching. Based on the blurry stream, I like Ed Davis’. Clean, simple, classy. The opposite of Wesley Johnson’s double-breasted plaid pants look. Pictures now reveal that he’s also sporting a polka dot pocket square. What the what? Also, is that a white-yellow gradient shirt, or a yellow sweater vest over a white shirt? The clearer the picture, the worse the outfit gets. Seriously, who dressed him?

–Jazz fans, chill out. Let’s give the kid a chance. He’s a Jazzman now, we root for our guys (unless they say stupid things and dwon’t play D). Remember, your dads/very young you booed Stockton too.

–What it sounds like: “Luke Babbitt is the wack player of the year…he led the wack.” Babbitt is also afraid of being remembered in history for a shorty tie on draft night. BTW Luke, you look infinitely better with short hair.

–First pick from the stands: Keh-VEEN Ser-RAH-phin from France.
–Why do the other commentators keep calling Jay Bilas “Jaybilas”?
–We’re now at 27. Wasn’t Whiteside supposed to be a lottery pick? I guess he impressed teams as much as he did me in the couple of draft interview videos I saw.

–On KFAN, Boler (I think) is saying Hayward will get one year of tutelage under AK. Curious.

–Whiteside officially slips into the second round. Also, YAY no more Stern and only two minutes between picks now.
–ESPN enrages me by showing this:

–Split screen of JVG and SVG. JVG: “We’re better looking than the Barry brothers.” SVG: “Actually, we’re better looking than Jon but we’re both behind Brent.” Remember when Steve Nash was doing NBA Finals coverage for Letterman and asked JVG whether SVG ever got laid in high school? LOL.

–Avery Johnson: gray suit with tannish-brown tie. Tsk tsk tsk. Come on man, you know better than that.

–Oh man, poor Whiteside. He finally got taken, but he’s actually in the house. The Kings took him; fittingly, he and his entire family are attired in purple.

–The monotony of waiting around for the Jazz’s second round pick is broken by Minnesota’s selection. “Tiny Gallon” has got to be the best name in the draft. Even if his name sounds like he should be in the NFL draft.
–Ten more picks…
–WTH is the point of going from 5 minutes between picks to 2 minutes if you’re going to make up the extra time by showing more commercials?
–The Celtics take the guy with the made-up sounding Irish name.
–With the 53rd pick, the Hawks take Pape Sy (who is in the house). Tiny Gallon has competition for the best name in the draft.

–Elijah Millsap, stand by for the call inviting you to play on the Jazz’s summer league team…

–I get up to get some water…and realize how long I’ve been sitting here and how much my back hurts because of it.
–The only thing the analysts know about Willie Warren is that he is scared of spiders.
–The Jazz take Jeremy Evans. Add finding out who he is to my to-do list.
–Trend of the night is definitely red ties and pocket squares. At least half of the draftees in attendance were sporting one, the other, or in Turner and Seraphin’s cases, both.

–Aaaaand…that’s all folks. Have a good night.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Jazzy Girl permalink
    June 25, 2010 8:41 am

    Love to booing, love the comments, confused by our pick.
    The end

    • June 25, 2010 11:23 am

      i felt a sense of satisfaction every time stern got booed lol. i’m withholding judgment on the pick until we see a little more.

  2. Sujal permalink
    June 25, 2010 11:37 pm

    “Jazz fans, chill out” seems as if it was directed right at me.
    To which I must say… I have chilled out. I think.

    It was never that I was anti-Hayward, its just that there were like 6 other guys I would’ve taken over him for the Jazz at #9.

    We’ll see though.

    • June 26, 2010 10:41 am

      no, not at you specifically. i was talking to the majority of the fan base. you’re right, we’ll see.


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