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The NBA: Where Um…Interesting Happens

June 22, 2010

Sasha’s glee, RonRon’s ecstasy, Mbenga trying to barrel his way out of there, and well, Vujacic’s mere presence were enough on their own. The caption (as provided by the NBA), however, kicked it to a whole ‘nother level.

While we’re on the subject of NBA caption writers: A month ago, the NBA posted a gallery of NBA players and their mothers for Mother’s Day. Interestingly enough, the guy/person that wrote the captions decided to thesaurusize the word “mother” based on what seems to be the player’s…number of tattoos? He also used the album as a forum to reveal his secret love for Ben Gordon and/or Ben Gordon’s mom.

Coby Karl has a “mom,” as does Kevin Durant:

Leandro Barbosa has a “mother,” as does Chris Webber:

And then there’s Kenyon Martin, who has a “momma,” and Vanessa’s husband, who apparently was birthed by “The Black Mamba Momma” (gag me with a spoon):

Finally, we get to he of the “good looks,” Ben Gordon, and his stunner of a mother:

Perhaps someone is trying to see whether his/her boss is paying attention.

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