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Er…as if we don’t have a bad enough reputation already…

June 6, 2010

Yesterday, both the local and (inter)national media reported that the Jazz 100 Club–a group of 50-60 rich bastards Jazz “fans” that humbly refer to themselves in court documents as “some of the most successful and influential individuals and companies in Utah”–is suing the team for $19 million* because the Jazz recently began allowing all season ticket holders to sell or transfer their seats (“a privilege they haven’t paid for”), which previously only Jazz 100 Club members could do.

*$16 million in damages for the devaluation of their seats; $3 million for overbilled meals at the Jazz’s 100 Club (If they thought they were being overbilled, why did they continue eating there? Huh?).

Are you kidding me? These asshats really piss me off.

It’s so completely sad that these people are fortunate and blessed enough to be able to attend every Jazz game and enjoy these games from the best seats in the house–an experience that 99.9% of Jazz fans can only dream of having.

I will wager that I am as passionate and fanatical, if not more so, a Jazz fan as any of these people, but I will likely never be able to afford one of those courtside seats as long as my body continues to have a need for, like, food. And yet at the end of the day, these so-called “fans” are so blinded by their self-importance that they fail to appreciate what they have–what very, very few people have the luxury of having–and it’s all about the money. Not even real money, but lost value.

Being wealthy and a Jazz fan aren’t mutually exclusive. If you’re in it for the money/appreciating value of your seat, GTFO (and get over yourselves while you’re at it) and let a real Jazz fan that cares about the team have it to sit in and cheer the team on.

As if us Jazz fans don’t have a bad enough reputation already, these idiots have to go and do this. It’s always a few that give the rest a bad name. Pricks.

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  1. Jazzy Girl permalink
    June 7, 2010 8:13 am

    This is so offensive! My blood is just boiling! Not all rich people are arrogant butt heads, but I have not yet met one that proves otherwise.
    How could a group of people ever become so arrogant and entitled?


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