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Random as Hell Offseason Odds and Ends

May 21, 2010

1. Have you ever wanted to stamp the Jazz logo all over the words that come out of your keyboard? Even if your answer is no, now you can, aka here’s my random find of the week:

The font can be downloaded here.

2. This isn’t strictly Jazz-related, but here’s David Beckham on Letterman talking about his Achilles’ rupture (“Soon as I stepped backwards, I heard the pop…and I could feel the tendon curling up into my calf.”) If you remember, Memo also heard his Achilles’ pop when he tore it in Game 1 against Denver. Beckham also talks about the surgery (gory OR pic included–don’t click if you have a weak stomach) and recovery, which I suppose is applicable to Memo as well.

3. Definition of “aggressive”?

At locker cleanout the next morning, Williams said, “If we want to compete for a title, we have to add pieces” and “you see teams making deals, doing deals, you know, year after year, and we stay the same, and we get the same result.”

Responded Miller: “I think we were quite aggressive in the offseason last year,” he said, citing the franchise’s decision to match the four-year $32 million offer sheet that Millsap signed with Portland. (desnews)

In my opinion, the one aggressive thing the Jazz did was matching for Millsap. Their only other offseason moves (excluding signing OMSW) were extending Memo and re-signing Ronnie P. Moves to be sure, but not “aggressive” in my book.

4. I don’t know one 2010 NBA draft prospect from another, but people are saying that Ekpe Udoh is a shot blocker. I skimmed through a Hoopsworld article on him today, and loved these two quotes:

“Something about stopping somebody just gets me going,” Udoh said at the Chicago Pre-Draft Combine. “I just love blocking shots…The next time, they’re going to look you right in your eyes and say, here he comes again.”

“I always just think about how hard my parents had to work, and how with this step I can help lessen the pressure,” he said. “I want to send some kids to college because I know how important college is. I want to do NBA Without Borders, and projects like that. We’re so blessed to be able to do what we do, so you always want to try and give back.”

A shot blocker AND a community guy. Sounds like a good fit for us. What are his weaknesses? Anyone?

5. I probably wouldn’t have watched the premiere of “The Good Guys” (starring Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks) if this were a month ago, but it’s the off-season and time is plentiful. Can’t say if I’ll keep watching, but I found it interesting that the working title for the show was “Jack and Dan,” which of course is the name (plus an apostrophe and an “s”) of Stock’s dad’s in Spokane, WA. Yeah, I’m really reaching here with this one, but like I said, it’s the offseason.

Oh, and speaking of TV shows, I enjoyed the first season of “Modern Family” immensely, but Kobe’s cameo in the season finale totally ruined it.

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