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Orlando keeps life-sized Jason Williams puppets around…

May 17, 2010

…to amuse its assistant coaches or something.

Seriously, what’s up with Jason Williams’ assisted hammer dunks during shootaround? I ask because this is not an isolated incident; we’ve seen it before.

The three factors that led to me deducing two months ago (when the second picture was originally posted) that we were dealing with a puppet still apply:

–A Magicman (Magician? Wizard?) appears to have his arm stuck in J-Will’s nether regions.
–J-Will is roughly 50 years old in NBA age, but here he is hammer dunking.
–White Chocolate is sporting John Stockton’s bangs. Are you telling me that he of much tats and street cred would go to his barber and ask for Stock’s coif?

Let’s also add 1) the wooden facial expression; 2) basketball glued onto/instead of right hand to the list. I’d say the evidence is pretty conclusive.

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