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Offseason Odds and Ends

May 15, 2010

1. Presenting Unleashing the Utah Jazz’s 2010-2011 Victory-Assuring Secret Weapon: FESENKOSTEIN.

2. Did anyone else catch this Millsap quote from Siler’s locker clean-out blog posts?

Q: If the Jazz re-sign Carlos Boozer, would you be all right with that or would you ask for an opportunity elsewhere?

A: I don’t know what I would do. Have to wait and see. I don’t know.

Sounds like Millsap will no longer [quietly?] come off the bench. Seeing how he’s under contract and his hands are tied when it comes to starter/sub status, are we going to see a [quiet] trade demand down the line if the Jazz re-sign Boozer?

It’s interesting that Sap now says he “doesn’t know” and would have to “wait and see” what he would do when 1) he’s generally one of the quietest players on the team and never says much; 2) earlier in the season he spouted the party line about doing whatever’s best for the team, etc. It’s entirely likely that during the season, Sap was working under the assumption that Boozer would be gone next season and his time (as a starter) was around the corner–a stance shared by many Jazz fans.

3. When asked whether he would like to stay in Utah, Fes said yes because 1) he knows where to eat; 2) the fans love him; 3) he wants to take over Kyle Korver’s sexiest Jazz player position.

It looks like Fes will once again skip out on the Jazz’s summer league to play for the Ukrainian national team (which worked so well last year–second note under “Other Stuff”). Whether he really does want to play for the team or he’s just using it as an excuse to get out of summer league duty, Fes is saying that he was convinced by AK to do it: “A.K. [Andrei Kirilenko] explained it to me, ‘It’s your country, you have to play for it.'”

Another item on his summer agenda is flying to LA to meet with his agent, Dan Fegan.

4. Um, DAN FEGAN???

[I didn’t realize this part would get so long. It’s been spun off into its own post.]

5. As I said in the recap of the final game of the season, I’m ready to move on…aka no season recap.

L to R: Deron, Donny Osmond, Kenny Smith, Boozer

Several Jazz sites have put up recaps so far, and I particularly liked this one (despite no mention of AK). So if you’re in the mood for a season recap, head over to Sloan’d.

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