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Carlos Boozer joins the “Gay Elf Defense” Club

May 10, 2010
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The Kyle Korver image below became something of an Internet sensation on NBA-related sites a while back. Coined “gay elf defense” by (I believe) J.E. Skeets basketbawful, it recently resurfaced as #7 on Ball Don’t Lie‘s “20 most bloggable NBA photos of the Internet age.”

It’s no secret that our current Jazz team is, more often that not, defensively soft. Despite Jerry Sloan’s iron grip on the team, unsanctioned gay elf defense–as a defensive philosophy or a pose–has a way of sneaking into Jazz games, and opponents sometimes even join in the fun.

Carlos Boozer, who has enormous trouble playing against the Lakers bigs, fittingly joined the club yesterday:

And as if these pictures weren’t enough, decided that Gay Elf Carlos would make a great desktop wallpaper for Jazz fans:

Just like I’m thinking the stylist for Kobe’s “White Hot” photo shoot secretly hates Kobe/the Lakers, I’m guessing someone on the Jazz’s website team isn’t a Boozer/Jazz fan. First of all, the official Jazz website has a history of using the worst moments in the Playoffs as wallpapers. Second, or 1A, the moment depicted in the Boozer wallpaper is immediately after the final buzzer sounded,* i.e. the moment that the Jazz officially went down 0-3 in the series. Not exactly a moment Jazz fans want to remember and cherish, if you ask me.

*After rewatching some game video, it turns out that Boozer actually went into Gay Elf Defense mode twice in the final minutes. The two images on top (facing away from the basket) were taken at the final buzzer. The wallpaper image (facing the basket) was taken immediately after Boozer lost a pass out of bounds with 2:36 remaining and the Jazz up 2. So yeah, still not a moment for which Jazz fans would “Bring the Noise.”

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