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Off-Day Odds and Ends

May 8, 2010

1. Is it just me, or is there a vicious jinx cycle going on? Fes had two relatively good games against the Nuggets, prompting Melo to repeat his name four times in about ten seconds, and starts getting all sorts of coverage from the national media. He immediately starts playing like…like he doesn’t know how to play.

CJ gets national coverage in the form of this ESPN/Truehoop article after starting the Denver series well. The article came out after Game 4; in Games 5 and 6, CJ’s Playoffs scoring average nosedives by 50%. Furthermore, he only shoots 1 total FT in 64 minutes while collecting 10 fouls.

Deron, meanwhile, has been crowned the best point guard in the league by just about everyone–including notorious Deron hater Bill Simmons–in the post-season. Deron also was widely quoted when he said that he considers himself the best point guard in the league. He showed it in the Denver series, but I’m still waiting for “the best point guard in the league” to show up in this series.

2. Jazz assistant coach Scott Layden should definitely be the one that represents the Jazz at the draft lottery on May 18. The Jazz received the Knicks pick from the Suns along with Tom Gugliotta in Feb. 2004. The Suns had received the pick from the Knicks one month before that as part of the Stephon Marbury trade. Who was the Knicks GM in Jan. 2004? Scott Layden. Who should represent the Jazz at the draft lottery? Scott Layden.

3. Is this the new Jazz logo? (Warriors World via @CAE15)
I really don’t like the green stripe accents–they make the logo too busy. Navy stripes would be much better, but that’s just my opinion. Another thing: this might be about nostalgia or the era in which I grew up, but I would like the word “Utah” back please. If not, extend the top of the note all the way to the right. I don’t like the empty space there.

4. I said it during last year’s Playoffs, and I’ll say it again. Only d-bags wear shades indoors. (Incidentally, research shows that 99.9% of all offenders are courtside Lakers fans who need to get over themselves.)

5. He’s back and he must break you. I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl, and as excited as Carlos when he makes the basket after getting fouled. I absolutely can’t wait for tipoff.

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