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Off-Day Odds and Ends

May 6, 2010

Preface: Given that we have something like 16 days off until Game 3, I’m tempted to post these one odd/end at a time…

1. Fes on Jerry:

“It’s hard to say we have a relationship. Sometimes Coach is really harsh on me, but I realize I deserve it. Every player needs to be motivated. He’s not trying to offend me. He sees the potential I have, and he wants me to get to there. It’s Jerry Sloan, hall of famer. I can’t complain. He was in the NBA when my mom was born, so he probably knows more than me. I saw tapes of him as a player, and I wouldn’t want to play against him.”

2. Phil Johnson on Fes and the Koof after Game 2:

“I would expect both of those guys to get a few rebounds, which they don’t. And if they don’t rebound, they’re not going to be able to play in this league…so that’s really the message that has to be sent to them.”

Given that Phil is generally the positive and compliment-y one (especially towards CJ) in post-game interviews, this comment has to carry some extra weight.

3. Did anyone notice that Andrei was growing an injury beard? (Yes I love AK but this picture is somewhat disturbing.)

4. Carlos Boozer, after Game 2:

“We’re going to keep fighting, we’re going to keep attacking, we’re going to stay aggressive.” / “I’m going to continue to drive the ball to the bucket…I’m going keep being aggressive.” (all emphasis mine)

I would like to know what channel/which game Carlos was watching, because it sounded a lot more enjoyable than the eye-bleeder I watched. Also, this is prime material for one of those NBA Playoff remix commercials.

5. In real time, this is about a week old. In Internet time, this is prehistoric. Nevertheless, I give you…Chris Webber on Jerry Sloan:

“Man, one time I set a pick on (John) Stockton and I knocked Stockton to the ground and I gave him a shoulder. And I’m really cool with Stockton, but I was trying to show the rest of the team like I’m going to get the technical, you guys. I’ll be the bad guy, come on. Well, Stockton kind of laughed. I laughed. I looked at the bench and Sloan looked at me.

“I said, ‘You want some?’ He was like, ‘Damn right I want some.’

“He started walking toward me. So, you know, it’s a good thing there was a ref there because, hey, he’s one of the toughest guys in the league. I don’t want to fight that guy. So, I’ll tell you, when your team is led by one of the toughest guys in the league, your team is going to be tough.” (BDL)

Since that day, C-Webb has made it a point to stop and smell the roses daily. Those around him have all remarked that his newfound appreciation for life is truly beautiful.

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