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Playoffs R2G1 @ LAL: No bones to pick

May 3, 2010

The Jazz didn’t come out looking intimidated. Plus.

They didn’t come out looking like they had already lost. Plus.

The Jazz had a 4-point lead with 4 minutes left. Plus.

Wesley Matthews played his ass off. Undrafted rookie…unbelievable rookie.

There were bad stretches to be sure, but a lineup of Price, Korver, Miles, Millsap, and Koufos that had failed miserably to start the 2nd quarter came out in the 4th and straight up killed. There’s not really much more I could have asked for, apart from being up 1-0 and given low-ish expectations.

3:30 a.m. tip-off. The sun is up. Bed calls.

Update (three hours later): I have officially gone Jazz crazy. During my 3-hour mid-morning nap after the game, I dreamt that 1) AK was on Dancing with the Stars (and wearing all sorts of crazy sparkly outfits); 2) I had chemistry class with The Koof and after class he showed me his secret hiding place, which was basically a tube in which you were 360-degrees surrounded by an aquarium. Did I mention that it was under some bleachers? And the crazy (fine, crazier) thing is, as we were walking to the athletic field where the bleachers were, I thought to myself, “So I’m finally going to see his hiding place,” i.e. I’d previously dreamt about how he had a secret hiding place.

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  1. Angie permalink
    May 3, 2010 7:52 am

    I think they came out a LITTLE intimidated (much, much better than years past) and it took about a quarter and a half to get into an offensive flow.

    OMSW? He’s my hero!! (Well actually part of my two-hero team; the other is Milllsap). BTW, I’ve heard a few nicknames for Millsap – Mansap, Millsap the Magician… I think we really need to nail one down.

    I wish they would have tightened up the offense a little at the end and executed instead of trying to take it in when you can pretty much bet the refs aren’t going to call a foul with that little of time left in the game, with that score, and against the Lakers. Not whining, just saying look for adjustments.

    But who am I…

    Oh, and I’m feeling exuberant about game two.

    • May 3, 2010 9:21 am

      A little delirious after the game and probably not too coherent. I meant that they came out not intimidated relative to this season’s matchups and last year’s playoffs (as you pointed out; also as you said, it was a much better effort today)

      OMSW and Sap are workhorse wonders. Their effort won us Game 6, and had everything to do with why we were still in the game late. I’m in favor of Mansap myself–and Millslapped! when he blocks a shot.

      I’m feeling excited and optimistic about Game 2 too. I honestly never thought I’d say that.


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