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In Today’s Edition of “Who Dressed Him?!”…

April 26, 2010

…we have frequent “Who Dressed Him” regular permanent “Who Dressed Him” fixture Carmelo Kiyan Anthony.

[Does anyone remember the episode of “Three’s Company” where Jack was dating Denise, who hated jeans and started dressing him in bright pastel outfits? Like Larry said, “Excuse me while I get my sunglasses.”]

Just like two days ago, Melo has coordinated his outfit with the side of the team bus. As I said then, Melo should realize that he will not be close enough to the bus all day for people to understand how he put that outfit together.

And like I want to tell the girls (or girlfriend’s purse-carrying boyfriends, as the case may be) that I see on the street every day, Louis Vuitton/Gucci logo bags/man purses/toiletry bags do not match with everything.

Says C:
I kind of like it after looking at it for a while. It’s a totally white person (ie a retired white senior citizen who lives in Florida) outfit. How come he didn’t match his shoes? He’s also a month late for Easter.

Carmelo Anthony’s Prior Convictions

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