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Shocking news (it’s a stunner): Jerry Sloan does NOT win COY!

April 22, 2010
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Breckin Meyer Scott Brooks wins; Jerry finishes fourth with 98 points, including 10 first-place votes (which was one more first-place vote than third-place finisher Nate McMillan received).

Just to re-visit a COY-themed post I wrote a few months back:

–Jerry Sloan has never won the NBA Coach of the Year award, despite being the only coach to have amassed 1,000 wins with one team and despite there having been 234 coaching changes (now 239) in the league since he became head coach of the Jazz.

–Jerry Sloan is the only Utah Jazz coach to have never won the award.

Every coach that has ever been affiliated with Sloan the player and Sloan the coach (apart from his rookie year coach), has won the award.

–Sloan is also the only coach in NBA history with more than 1,000 wins to have never won the award.

–[Sloan] and George Karl are the only two coaches in the top ten of most coaching victories to have never won the award.

As T-Mac might say: Media, it’s on you.

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