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Noooooo, not Memo too….

April 19, 2010
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Seeing as how Memo and AK are neighbors, I can only imagine what a bummed out residential community that must be.

Reading Siler’s tweet above, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Dikembe’s career-ending injury, which okurred exactly one year ago. Not that the severity of the respective injuries are comparable, but Dikembe said at the time, “I’m going to need surgery…I cried so much about it when I was laying on the floor.”

It’s been well-documented that had this been the regular season, Memo would have rested for three weeks. However, he soldiered on for the sake of the team knowing that he was putting his long-term health at risk. You hate to see this kind of thing happen, but you hate to see this kind of thing happen even more when it’s to someone as likeable as Memo.

Per Memo’s website:

“…They told me that I will have my foot in a cast for a month after the operation then I will wear a special boot for another month. I guess I will be operated on Tuesday or maybe Wednesday. How things change so quickly. If someone asked me 10 days ago what do you think. I would have said at least a Western Conference final. But now I just wish my teammates the best.

“Honestly I’m not answering many calls right now. Some friends and well wishers called our home as well. I am very disappointed for my team and the fans. For two years now the season has ended with injuries for me, and I don’t think that this is something I deserve. We worked hard, we sacrificied and to have my season end like this its not fair. I feel bad really bad right now. We proved this season that when we are healthy we can beat anybody. You can say that injuries are a part of the game, but I can’t digest that right now. I believe that despite being down 1-0 my teammates will do everything they can to win and advance. I believe in them. This series is not otve yet. I believe our fans deserve to see their team in full strength when everything is on the line. This is the most disappointing thing.”

While KOC says that Memo will be out 3-6 months, Elton Brand didn’t return for eight months after rupturing his Achilles’.

Memo will miss the chance to represent Turkey in the World Championships this summer, which is a double blow because Istanbul is hosting the tournament. [BTW, I don’t believe NBA teams have the right to dictate whether players play for their national teams, but I admit I am totally hoping AK sits out the Worlds.]

Chin up Memo. We’re rooting for you…rooting for you so hard.

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