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Game 79 @ HOU: A pox on the lot of you

April 8, 2010

There are NO excuses for the putrid way the Jazz played tonight. As the ESPN crew said before going to break after the first quarter: “Rockets playing like the team fighting for a Playoff spot.”

1) The Rockets also played last night.
2) The arena was EMPTY, negating home court advantage (I have never seen an emptier arena).
3) The Rockets were playing a 6’6″ center.

Turnovers (26 TOs to 25 assists). The aforementioned 6’6″ center outrebounding Boozer and Memo combined (18 to 16). Brooks scoring more threes than the Jazz (5 to 3). Airballs. Bumbling and bobbling passes. Lazy long jumpers, despite the Rockets’ lack of bigs or shot-blockers. Ticky-tack fouls ending in and-1s. Korver at one point taking an hour to set up for a three, and still no Jazzmen got into position to rebound.

Good to know that we can’t play with teams bigger OR smaller than us.

There weren’t enough fans in the stands to start a chant, but I was compelled to start my own: Utah sucks! Utah sucks!

Look at little Shaney there. He’s so adorably tiny!

If I’m the deep-pockets-and-many-resources Miller family, I’m funding a “Clone AK” project and demanding hourly progress reports. If only one AK is playing at a time, the other one should be healthy and ready to step in when the first one gets injured.

At least NY lost and Nellie won’t be getting the record against us. That’s something, however little.

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  1. RRR permalink
    April 9, 2010 4:49 am

    Oh to be a fan, from screaming highs to lows you have to reach up to tickle a snakes belly, all in 24 hours! :(


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