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Real Quick Off-Day Odds and Ends

March 29, 2010

1. FIBA has released the first set of ads for its “Giants Get Together” World Championships campaign. AK and Memo’s are likely to be in the next set released. Please Andrei, tell me you did something with your hair before the photo shoot. It matters (maybe just to me, but I feel strongly enough about this for, like, 47 people).

I ask you: which looks better?

2. Is everyone aware of the fact that through 13 games in March, Memo is averaging 1.8 blocks/game? The last time Memo’s BPG surpassed 1.0 for any single month was over four years ago in January 2006 (1.1); his highest single BPG month as a Jazzman was 1.3 in December 2005.

3. Speaking of Memo, what a difference a month baby makes.

Memo’s shooting percentages (FG%: +3.5; 3P%: +14!!; FT%: + freaking 20!!!) are all way up, as are his rebounds, steals, and blocks.

4. Jerry the wisecracker (and no, Y., I did not accidentally omit a space in “wisecracker”):

Reporter: How do you feel [on your 68th birthday]?
Jerry: I feel with my fingers. (desnews)

5. KK on free agency:

“I would love to finish my career here,” he said, “and if they came with an offer that made sense, I would get it done.” (sltrib)

By my count, KK is the third Jazz player that has said in the past 10 months that he would like to retire as a Jazzman. Memo first said it last July, followed by AK in October.

We have a very young team and a lot of the guys are a long, long ways away from thinking about retirement; coincidentally or not, Memo, AK, and KK are the three oldest current Jazzmen. (Fourth oldest current Jazzman? That would be Boozer.)

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  1. Jenny Barbakos permalink
    March 30, 2010 12:03 am

    I would like to see the team stay just as they are, having all of them retire in Utah… but this is not likely to happen.

  2. RRR permalink
    March 30, 2010 7:47 am

    I’m much more concerned with his calves than his hair style.

    But then I’m a guy so don’t really care much about his choice of styles upon his head.

    KK and Memo are both big time contributors, it’s been very nice to see them both doing very well. Memo has been outstanding, KK better with each game.

    I loved it when Sloane responded in that way. Appropriate response to a stupid question actually. He allowed the idiot asking it to save face. Sometimes it would be nice to see him call them out on stupid. Oh well…


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