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Game 73 @ IND: Run out of town? More like laughed out of town

March 27, 2010

It was 6:50 a.m. and my eyes weren’t even fully open when I wearily plopped down in front of my computer, only to find that–Dammit!–none of the links for “Indiana Pacers vs. Utah Jazz” were working. No matter which link or site I clicked on, all I could get was “The Festival of Bad Jumpers.”

Roughly half an hour later, the show changed to a music video entitled “It’s Raining Threes, Hallelujah (But Only for the Men in White).” The Jazz got their lead up to 10 in the second quarter, but never got close to pulling away. Meanwhile, steals…blocks…hammer dunks…bad jumpers, bad hair. Ah Andrei. It’s beautiful to have you back. With his hair and calf sleeve, it was impossible to tell his left-side full-body profile from KK’s…unless they were shooting. Bazinga. We totally contained Granger in the first half. Only 18 points. Success.

The Pacers go on a 19-3 run to close the 3th, and extend that to 28-3 (on 9-0) to start the 4th. At this point, the stream switches over to “The Return of the Festival of Bad Jumpers: Bigger, Better, Badder, and Now in 3-D!!!”

With 6:30 left, AK got kicked in the calf and leaves the game.

It was at this exact moment that I knew the game was over.

The Pacers end up with a new franchise record for made 3s, and Granger finishes the game with a new career high of 44. I am not the least bit consoled by the fact that I have him on two of my three fantasy teams. Especially because the third team is my money league team.

In sum:

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