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Game 72 @ TOR: Sweet Sassy!

March 25, 2010

The Jazz came out rolling and clicking on all cylinders for the first time in a long time. No defense, no fouls; in effect, it was the opposite of the last game, and the first quarter flew by in about 20 minutes. After building a 20-point lead early in the second, our boys proceeded to miss 9-11 shots during a stretch in the second quarter to let the Raps get back into the game. A short bad stretch in the 4th aside, however, the Jazz lead was never in jeopardy and we didn’t trail at any point.

Random bits:
–This is the last time we’ll see the green throwbacks this season. I fervently hope we also don’t see the baby blues again.
–Turkish fans sure didn’t get their Money’s worth (pun sorta intended) tonight, as 1) Memo successfully passed his stomach virus on to Hedo during dinner the night before, putting Hedo out of commission after halftime; 2) Memo and Deron couldn’t buy a three tonight, going a combined 1-8 (the sole Memo three came when he checked back into the game in the 4th looking like he had just woken up from a nap).

–The highlight of the game was Antoine Wright getting called for a clear pants foul in the 4th quarter, i.e. he tried to prevent a breakaway dunk by undressing OMSW.

–Much like the last time the Jazz played the Raptors, CB4 vs. CB5 was a wash.
–Also much like the last time the Jazz played the Raptors, the arena was empty.

–Have to give it up for Smart CJ, who, even when he doesn’t finish, makes me cheer when he drives inside and attacks the rim.
–I may have been yawning and bleary-eyed at tipoff, but 7 a.m. tipoffs FTW, always and forever. This game had ended by the time a home game would have started. Give me an East Coast tipoff over a West Coast tipoff any day of the week.
–I’m writing while listening to the post-game. KFAN is still bagging on Ronnie B. For frak’s sake.
–Paging KOC. You haven’t signed Raja Bell yet. Please get on it.

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