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vs. BOS: Opponent Game Thread Highlights

March 23, 2010
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Today’s opponent game thread host body: CelticsBlog Forum.

A couple of quick observations–
1) They are still really angry over there about KG getting hurt in SLC last year. They also think all the fans in the house stood and cheered KG’s injury.

butterbeanlove Reply #27 on: Yesterday at 08:28:47 pm
I really want this one more than any game in a long time, after those classy Jazz fans celebrated when KG hurt his knee last year (check the clip – two-thirds of the arena stood up and cheered).
There isn’t a more hateful fan base in the NBA. They make LA fans look classy (but not clueless – LA owns that category hands down).

2) Overall, most of the posters were very positive people and voices of reason. Even when the Jazz were tearing it up in the second half and late in the 4th, they were still saying things like “there’s still time for a run” and “we can still win.” After the Jazz won, most of the comments were along the lines of “You can’t win them all and we never gave up and we played them tough,” “The sky is not fallling,” and “We played well tonight, IMO… we just got beat. It happens. But I def liked our energy tonight.” It’s so…unfanlike. :-)

Now, onto the highlights:

[A few of the] Comments on the officiating:

Kiorrik Reply #118 on: Yesterday at 09:48:11 pm
Bad calls on both sides now btw.

snively Reply #122 on: Yesterday at 09:49:59 pm
The reffing has been poor quality. A lot of missed calls mixed in with unnecessary calls.

nickagneta Reply #156 on: Yesterday at 10:01:51 pm
Jazz may be playing an entire unit of guards by the end of the game if the fouls in their frontcourt continue.

liam Reply #162 on: Yesterday at 10:03:30 pm
These refs suck both ways!

misha Reply #177 on: Yesterday at 10:08:52 pm
Didn’t know nba hire clowns to be refs

ManUp Reply #250 on: Yesterday at 10:48:36 pm
I knew the refs would flip the script in the second half.
They were way to good to us in the first.

Rashi Reply #252 on: Yesterday at 10:50:00 pm
Refs can u just let these guys play…and quit calling a foul on everything

Nice things said about the Jazz:

Thruthelookingglass Reply #100 on: Yesterday at 09:41:33 pm
Yeah, Jazz is a team I can respect if mostly for Jerry Sloan. And those fans should know well-played basketball.

barefacedmonk Reply #339 on: Yesterday at 11:18:52 pm
Okur can make a three with a blindfold on….just one of those nights. Sad

FallGuy Reply #342 on: Yesterday at 11:19:30 pm
Deron Williams is unbelievable.

My Note: Not sure if “unbelievable” here was good or bad, as there were quite a few comments about Deron’s whining. And to think…he’s actually quieted down in the last 3-4 games.

mahonedog88 Reply #344 on: Yesterday at 11:19:48 pm
It’d be cool if we had a center who could hit threes

My Note: This one’s funny because the reason the Jazz were able to sign Memo was because the Pistons had committed big money to Rasheed, who’s now on the Celtics. At least, that’s what they said in the @ DET opponent game thread.

GreenFaith1819 Reply #345 on: Yesterday at 11:20:04 pm
How in the world are we leaving a 7 foot 270 pounder open for threes??
He is kinda hard to miss, lol…

snively Reply #359 on: Yesterday at 11:25:43 pm
Tough to win when CJ Miles and Paul Pierce switch bodies.

FallGuy Reply #379 on: Yesterday at 11:32:09 pm
Jazz earned those calls in the second half. They were – in a word – awesome.

Change Reply #395 on: Yesterday at 11:37:34 pm
No disrespect to Rondo. Deron Williams is on another level. The guy is a beast. Hopefully Rondo can be a consistent force in the future.

liam Reply #398 on: Yesterday at 11:40:00 pm
Yup, he’s the LeBron of Point guards! But Rondo will be playing longer that DeRon will this year.

PosImpos Reply #405 on: Yesterday at 11:41:37 pm
D Will is probably the best PG in the league.

Greenbean Reply #430 on: Yesterday at 11:55:07 pm
Yeah [Deron] is an awesome player and it’s about time he started getting credit for his defense. I cant think of another guy in the past 20 years that is like him. Strong, fast, shooter, passer, smart.

I mean hes not the 2nd coming of Magic or Cousy or anything just a really unique player who competes pretty hard.

Finally, two comments on Boler and Booner:

liam Reply #48 on: Yesterday at 09:22:35 pm
The announcers are not horrible and irritating!

Change Reply #269 on: Yesterday at 10:54:35 pm
presently surprised by the unbiased Jazz TV crew. Not a lot of Homerism

4 Comments leave one →
  1. RRR permalink
    March 24, 2010 6:50 am

    Oh goodness I had tingles of pride while reading that!!!

    It is very nice to see those fans in a massive market acknowledge and even praise the talent of Deron. Makes my head swell.

    Reffs? Oh shit… Hey that might actually be a good idea to implement! Oh wait, that is what Sterns already hires… nevermind. It’s is gratifying to hear opponents fans seeing the garbage and calling it out.

    As usual Stupit Reffs!!!


    Bolerjack IMHO is one of the premier sports announcers in the nation today!

    Criticism of all current announcers would be their drifting off the game too much talking about upcoming games, trades and generally BS that has nothing to do with the game in front of them. They do not let us know about some of the things happening on the court that would be nice info to have at the moment it happens.

    I’m sure such is not entirely their fault, but I do find it very irritating.

    • AK-47 FTW! permalink*
      March 24, 2010 9:09 am

      there were of course comments about rajon being a better PG than deron (as can be expected) and mormon cracks, but i used a selective filter ;-) overall though, definitely one of the more rational, objective fan communities i’ve seen.

      • prodigal_punk permalink
        March 26, 2010 12:30 am

        Jazz fans whine incessantly about Boler/ Booner. I actually got into a Twitterbate (that’s a twitter debate, sickos) with a Jazz fan about this. I always say “Have you ever watched a Kings, Rockets, Spurs, or Celtics game on NBATV?”. Usually, the answer is “No”, to which I reply “That’s what I thought.”.

  2. AK-47 FTW! permalink*
    March 26, 2010 8:30 am

    i’m not sure why game streams this season have been 95% jazz streams, but i listened to my share of opponent crews before this season and honestly, we have it good.


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