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Game 69 @ PHX: Defenseless as Babes

March 20, 2010

After 3.5 minutes of game time, the box score read: Amare 11, Jazz 2.

It didn’t get much better from there. Our team captains and leaders, Deron and Boozer, were 14-37 (and their combined FG% was only as high as 38% because Boozer made 4 of his last 5 shots in meaningless end-of-game minutes), got blocked 8 times, and turned the ball over 5 times. The Jazz as a team was 0-9 from downtown and the final score was absolutely no reflection on how close (or not close) the game actually was.

Congratulations to the Jazz’s [lack of] defense on Amare’s new season-high of 44 points on 14-16 shooting*. Really, congratulations. Well done.

I’m not usually one to complain about the officiating, putrid as it has been against all teams this season. Michael Smith (if that is his real name) tossing Jerry with literally less than one second remaining in the game? Let’s just say that you can tell the difference between a) a legitimate call; b) an I’m-drunk-with-power-and-also-I-want-to-be-on-TV call by the amount of dramatic flair refs put into their gestures.

*In the pre-game, Bagley said that the the key to the game was how Memo does defending Amare. It was as if KFAN knew Boozer was going to get smoked and decided to preemptively absolve him of blame. Well, Memo didn’t even play the second half due to stomach troubles and Fes played about 10 seconds before fouling out. As mentioned above, Amare had his way with the Jazz on the way to 44 points.

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  1. RRR permalink
    March 21, 2010 4:57 am

    The only highlite of this game was that it ended!

    Stupit Reffs were out of their freaking gotdaaumed minds!

    I’d almost bet that some friends of theirs did well at the tables last night.

    Terrible game all around.


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