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Game 68 vs. the Peskies: Go Kyle! It’s Your Birthday!

March 18, 2010

This is how I think the Jazz should have celebrated St. Patrick’s Day / Kyle’s birthday (they’re supposed to be green knee socks, not green leg warmers):

I don’t think that I was alone in thinking this was a total trap game. The Peskies had just come off of a 152-point piecing the night before, and the Jazz are prone to letdowns against bad teams, particularly Minnie.

Minnie indeed ran out to a 14-6 lead, and just like the last game, it was tied after one. Despite going 1-11 from Three Point Land in the first half, the Jazz went into the break with a 9-point lead.

Just as I was thinking to myself how great it was to have AK back and how he does so many little things that make so much difference, he re-aggravates his calf injury and leaves the game just seconds into the second half. That was hardly it on the injury front. Deron went down with an ankle sprain (flashback to October 2008 in Chicago *shudder*) and OMSW went down with a hyperextended knee, but both were able to return.

Birthday boy Korver and his comrade Millsap were huge off the bench and helped the Jazz run up and maintain a 20-point lead for most of the second half. There were plenty of highlights, including perfect passing, one sweet Korver three after another, a Sap dunk, and a monster hammer by Deron:

Said Deron after the game, “I just need a whole new left side.”

Finally, John Stockton FTW:

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