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The Koof Update

March 15, 2010

The Koof is tearing up the D-League with numbers we hope to one day see when he has a music note and “Jazz” across his chest.

In the two games since being assigned to the Flash, the Koof put up 20/12/2 blocks and 26/16/4 blocks. The first time he was sent down, he only lasted one game before injuries forced the Jazz to call him back up and sit him on the bench so that there would be enough guys for practice. The Flash have nine regular season games left, but Jerry “said Sunday that because of the injuries, there’s ‘a good chance’ Koufos will be recalled today.” (desnews)

Am I the only one that feels that the Koof should remain with the Flash until their season concludes, even if it means we’re a little shorthanded for the time being? I think he needs to play and rebuild his confidence, and being with the Flash is the only way for him to do that. If he’s called up again, he will get 2-3 garbage minutes per game at the most, and he hasn’t exactly shined in those situations this season.

P.S. Interesting that the Koof is wearing #32. He wears #41 with the Jazz, and is changing to #31 next year.

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