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There aren’t that many “T’s” in Utah

March 14, 2010
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Despite Boozer getting ejected on Friday, the Jazz remain the opposite-of-leader in technical fouls, i.e. they have the fewest technicals among all teams in the league this season. Which is funny, because Jerry is the league’s career leader in technicals (and the Mailman is also somewhere on the top 10 of that list).

Memo leads the Jazz this season with 4, followed by Deron and Boozer with 3 a piece (so yeah, Boozer only had one this season before Friday). Is this an area where the Jazz can improve?

The three teams with the most technicals are 1) Orlando (84); 2) Boston (82); 3) LAL (69). Cleveland ranks 6th with 59. The Jazz are last with 27. New York and New Jersey, meanwhile, are 26th and 27th, respectively.

How the Jazz have ranked over the past decade:
1999-2000 — 6th
2000-2001 — 2nd
2001-2002 — 11th
2002-2003 — 14th
2003-2004 — 11th
2004-2005 — 15th
2005-2006 — 23rd
2006-2007 — 25th
2007-2008 — 23rd
2008-2009 — 24th

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