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Game 64 @ DET: The Subs Come Through

March 11, 2010

There was some truly pathetic defense by the starters to open the game.

Memo was going to be a huge factor in the Jazz win, though. That was a given as we were playing the Pistons.

The second team of Memo + KK, CJ, Ronnie P, and Sap, were, in contrast, competitive and instrumental in getting us the win. Korver in particular has been playing great on both ends of the court as of late. They hustled, played defense, and executed some gorgeous ball movement in the second and fourth quarters to keep the lead big enough that the Pistons’ 9-0 run late in the 4th (which: 1) included a Kwame Brown block on Boozer and three Jerebko steals in the span of 50 seconds; 2) necessitated Boozer and Deron having to re-enter the game with 1:05 left) wasn’t as damaging as it might otherwise have been.


“I tried to substitute a couple guys. We got cute with the basketball, and I had to win the game. It’s not a matter of just making sure I get everybody in the ballgame; it’s a matter of winning the game. I thought we would know better what to do with it when we tried to finish up but turnovers and things like that don’t give you a chance to relax.” (DN)

This was, IMO, Boozer’s second ineffective game in a row. After playing the first quarter, Boozer didn’t get back in until there were only 90 seconds left in the half. He did, however, make his presence known by keeping the noise level up throughout the game.

The feed today was a Pistons feed, and I have to conclude that the Pistons are trying to attract more female viewership. How else do you explain the hundreds of gratuitous shots of Jerebko all night long? (I think I’ve mentioned Jerebko in this blog only once before–when he was drafted. However, one of the top Google searches driving directing people here is “Jonas Jerebko girlfriend.”)

P.S. Someone explain to me why what’s-his-face and Nissalke were still bagging on Brewer in the post-game? He’s been gone for a month, you can stop that.

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