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Pre-Game Odds and Ends in Quotes

March 10, 2010

1.We were sitting like snipers in waiting.” — Such an apt AK describing the Jazz’s comeback in Phoenix. (sltrib)

2. “‘S—,'” he said. “‘Those sons of bitches.‘” [This was KOC’s reaction to the Gasol to Lakers trade.] Best KOC quote ever. (sltrib)

3. Speaking of KOC, way to get AK’s back (no pun intended). KOC called the league office after the PHX game regarding Robin Lopez’s flagrant foul on AK.

Per the SLTrib blog, Lopez told a Suns blog that his foul was “… just basketball. We were down one at that point. Any enforcer would have [done] it.

Robin Lopez, you not only shoved someone in the back with both hands (i.e. you were not going for the ball), you did so while the guy was in the air. First of all, you’re lucky Matt Harpring retired. Second, you’re lucky you don’t play in Jerry Sloan’s era because he would have beat you with a chair. Third, as Luhm pointed out, you just pissed off the real enforcers in the league. Fourth, you’re an ass. And the refs that failed to call it like it was can join the club.

4. [Chicago native] Othyus Jeffers’ arrival in SLC has spurred some discussion of Jerry aka The Original Bull’s playing career.

Typical Jerry response-slash-incomprehensible country saying:

Those days are over,” he said. “I’d rather talk about the people playing now. I’m so far out of that. My career is shot. So [talking about] that will get you a toothpick and a glass of water.” (sltrib)

5. Jerry went on to say:

I had my fun. I don’t think anybody had more fun playing basketball than I did. I hope everybody has fun playing.” (sltrib)

My opinion: if you don’t have fun playing under Jerry Sloan, you’re not playing the right way, and/or you’re just out there for yourself and not for the team or love of the game. I truly believe that.

6. From “Inside the NBA” (March 4th edition):
Q: What do you call a power forward with 7 rebounds?
A: Small forward, maybe even a 2-guard.

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