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Clearing My Head of Random Thoughts Odds and Ends

March 10, 2010

1. A couple of days ago, BBJ raised the question of “Now that Memo’s had a couple of great games, what do we do with him?” Why I think Memo should remain a Jazzman:

a) I really like the way he’s always working on and developing different aspects of his game. A few years ago, he started working on his post moves with Ty Corbin. His pump fake/dribble/drive isn’t always successful, but there’s no doubt his post moves have improved. Memo has also stepped up big time on defense this year, and is averaging a career-high 1.1 bpg. One possible reason why he started slow this season might’ve been because he was learning to incorporate all the different parts of basketball into his game–which could be why he’s starting to play better lately.

b) He’s not complacent. He got his big two-year extension last summer, but he’s still trying to improve his overall game and came back to Utah early to train. Millsap’s mid-range jumper aside, how many Jazzmen do you see adding to their games?

c) Yeliz has finally given birth.

d) He and AK are best friends. With AK being the difference between wins and losses, you do whatever you have to to keep AK happy.

e) He’s just so darn likeable.

2. Here’s your trivia for the day: remember when Sundiata was called up, and the Utah papers did stories about how he’d previously played in Italy for a team that tried to stiff players on wages? Well, coincidentally, Othyus Jeffers played for that same team–NGC Cantu–last year as well. Other former Cantu players? Thurl Bailey and Pace Mannion.

3. I’m not trying to stir up anything here. Just recounting news as it happens.

July 14, 2009: “And Derrick Rose is probably one of the most athletic guards I’ve seen in a very, very long time. Especially at the point guard position. Maybe the most athletic guard I’ve seen at the point guard position…Very talented, very humble. I love his demeanor…Very good passer, very explosive player, and he’s fun to watch.” –Carlos Boozer

Feb. 22, 2010: “Sources say Boozer’s first choice is to join Derrick Rose in Chicago this summer via free agency,” Bucher wrote. From what [Siler has] heard, Boozer has mentioned the same thing to teammates at times this season.

March 8, 2010: Boozer “says point guard Derrick Rose is ‘something special. … a stud.'”

4. Per Deadspin: But Phil Jackson said Barnes should have been pulled from the game because of his physical play, while Barnes insinuated that he had to goad Kobe into playing rough, or the refs would have given him every call.

This, if you ask me (and I know you didn’t), is a huge part of what is wrong with the NBA today:

1) superstar treatment;
2) a.k.a. inconsistent officiating;
3) the NBA’s “protection” of its chosen stars that has turned a beautiful, tough, physical man’s game into a soft, namby pamby boy’s game of jump shooters.

5. Bring back the beard!

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