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Game 60 @ LAC: The Abominable Saltmen Take it Lying Down

March 2, 2010
Davis, Gordon, and the Clippers could’ve danced all night…

The Jazz didn’t come to play. No fire, no heart, no fight. Against the Clippers, they didn’t lead for a single second in the game.

The Jazz’s inconsistency and lack of competitiveness is appalling. While I appreciate the hustle and effort of guys like OMSW, AK, Sap, and Ronnie P, a huge part of the problem is that our team leaders insist on doing the same things over and over again even when they’re not working. They don’t make adjustments.

If you’re a playmaker and your wrist only hurts when you shoot, why do you keep shooting? This is the second time in three games that Deron took and missed more shots than anyone else on the team and we lost. Boozer puts up decent numbers, but he insists on taking fadeaway jumpers when there are no Jazzmen in position to rebound. Our role players are the ones preventing losses from becoming blowouts despite the play of our leaders.

Why am I even surprised? I should be used to this by now. SAC…MIN…MIN…SAC…LAC.

I’m posting this picture not because I’m blaming the loss on Boozer, but for the mouths over at KFAN, who spent the entire pre-game talking sh!t about Kaman* and making catty comments like “Why don’t they just name him Western Conference Player of the Month?” Grownass men shouldn’t be bitchy. They just shouldn’t.

*not because of anything Kaman did or didn’t do, but because David Stern had the audacity to name him an All-Star over their beloved Carlos.

Part of me wants to blame the loss on the baby blues…

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