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Game 59 vs. HOU: Who are the men in green?

February 28, 2010

This was a Jazz-Rockets game, right? 133-110? I wouldn’t have been surprised if the final score had been half of what it was…maybe AK and Battier both being out had something to do with it.

In contrast to last night’s disjointed, out-of-sync Jazz team, tonight’s Jazz team came out on fire, and stayed on fire. They shot 67.5% from the floor and connected on 14 3-pointers (56%). From the FT line, they were a very Jazz-like 58% in large part thanks to Yatta/Fes/The Koof’s combined 0-7. The minor minutes of those three aside, everyone in green played exceedingly well.

Deron’s shot blessedly returned, and he racked up 20 points in the first quarter. Meanwhile, Memo had the worst FG% of all the starters at 55%. Jerry completely threw his rotations out the window, tried a lot of new things, and stayed with the hot hand; as a result, we saw some crazy unexpected lineups tonight. Deron played the entire first quarter, and Sap played 30 minutes to Boozer’s 26. Ronnie P got a lot of PT at the 2 (with Yatta running point when Deron was out). OMSW got 33 minutes (loved his aggressiveness tonight), CJ (who got the start for AK) 21, and KK (got the AK line of 8-4-6-3-1) 27. Whatever works.

While giving up 110 points isn’t something to write home about, I never really felt like we were playing poorly defensively. Sure, there were moments of poor defense, but not stretches. At the end of the day, we haven’t seen the Jazz dominate an opponent like this in quite a while, and I am a happy camper. Finally, congratulations to The Koof for getting his second bucket of 2010. :-)

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