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Game 58 @ SAC: Donating to the poor

February 27, 2010

Don’t have much to say right now. The Jazz are good enough (or are now mentally strong enough) to be able to get come-from-behind wins, but this is the nth game since Feb. 9 @ LAC that they have come out slow, unfocused, and seemingly unprepared to play.

If not for a couple of momentum-changing plays tonight (welcome back AK), we would have been on our way to a blowout.

When I say this, I’m saying it to everyone. If you’re struggling with your shot, work it out in practice, not in games. Do other things to help your teammates or try to take it inside to get yourself going. Putting up long, contested jumpers early in the shot clock and when your rebounders aren’t in place to rebound is a recipe for disaster.

One other thing about Deron. Since he shaved his beard, he pretty much looks the same way he did in ’07-’08, i.e. like a kid. Unfortunately, his mentality on the court seems to have taken a step back in time as well. Deron, please stop complaining about calls while the other nine guys are already on the other side of the court. Just put your head down and play, a la Sap.

What a crap day. Sigh.

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