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The Utah Jazz in Traffic Signs, Part 2

February 25, 2010

Part 1–featuring current Jazzmen and Jerry–can be found here.

Our Arena: EnergySolutions Arena, aka (per Wikipedia) Glow Dome, Radium Stadium, the Isotope, ChernoBowl, Jazzardous Materials, the Big Bang, the Tox Box, the Power House, the Hot Spot, Plutonium Palace, the Fallout Shelter, the Melta Center, and Energy Pollutions Arena. [“HM” with a green circle around it = Hazardous Materials Permitted.]

Jazz Team Bus: Pretty self-explanatory. Jerry has a no cell phone rule on the team bus.

Scotty and Ty: Our assistant coaches who are each responsible for scouting 14-15 teams.

Boler and Booner: This one is for Boler, whose two most well-known catchphrases are “Muh-muh-muh Money!”, and…”BUCKLE UP!”

Ronnie B: like Ronnie P, Ronnie B has major hops (up arrow). His elbow also flies out to the side when he shoots because of a childhood injury (arrow to the right).

Matt Harpring: Self-explanatory. Also, he used to play football.

John Stockton: Self-explanatory. Could not be more so.

Stockton to Malone: The perfect partnership that keeps each other in balance.

The Mailman: A reference to his 18-wheelers, or really just the man himself.

Horny: This is what Horny is doing for AK’s shot.

Mark Eaton: Self-explanatory. I particularly liked that the word “Blocks” appears in the first sign. How very fitting for one of the best shot-blockers to ever play the game, especially since he was roughly the size of a small mountain, i.e. hill.

Jarron Collins: Self-explanatory, if you’re a Jazz fan. Collins was injured for the first half of last season after he and his brother got into a golf cart accident over the summer.

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