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Trade Deadline (Off-Day) Odds and Ends

February 19, 2010

1. Like it says in the “About” section, you’re not going to find any advanced trade or salary cap analysis here. All you get are my feelings, which are presented below in ramble form.

I suppose I can stomach the loss of Ronnie B (although I don’t like it and my initial reaction was “Noooooooooooo!!!!”), but there are other players on the team I’d much rather see go, and Ronnie wasn’t either of them. I understand that we have a logjam at the wings, but out of them you give up one of the better defenders? How long do you wait on upside before you decide you’ve overwaited and it’s time to get off the pot?

Ronnie’s matured a great deal over the course of his career and even this season (which can’t be said for everyone), is a team player (which can’t be said for everyone), and was willing to give up shots to make the extra pass or fight for the board even though he was in a contract year (which can’t be said for everyone). I’m sad to see him go. Furthermore, Ronnie was a lottery pick and Memphis is definitely on its way up…what kind of crappy ass protected pick (or as KOC called it, a “future asset”) are we going to get out of this?

Not to mention while you were dealing Brewer you kept saying “no” to Boozer trades? Really, Front Office, really?

2. This could very well be a day for anger and frustration, in which case:

F you, NBA, and your totalitarian, high-handed, clueless assumptions. What gives you the right to forcefully redirect me to your China site when I’m not even in China? It was bad enough when you started doing that with “,” but now “” gets redirected as well? (Getting redirected against your will sucks as it is; it’s even worse when both sites are incredibly sorry excuses for websites, have not been updated in about two years, and have little content other than videos of Yao Ming from 2003.) Great job, NBA, on expanding your international reach.

This rant also goes out to sites like Yahoo! and Google that redirect you based on what they think your IP address is, and not the language of your operating system. At least Yahoo! and Google give you the choice to return to their English sites, which the NBA does not*.

*There’s a link for “English” on the top of the Chinese Utah Jazz site, which leads to “http://www.china/sixers/” –which isn’t even a real URL and just smacks of some phishing scam. There’s also a link on the page that says “Enter Team’s Official English website” in Chinese (so helpful for those looking for a way back to the English when it’s written in Chinese, and actually even less helpful than that because it redirects you right back to the Chinese site you’re already on). The NBA: where FAIL happens.

3. This, just because it’s funny:

4. Before the All-Star Game (so in Internet time I’m quite late with this), Truehoop surveyed Truehoop Network bloggers to come up with a team of non-All-Stars that could beat the All-Star team based on defense, rebounding, offense, and intangibles. AK was named to the team as a starter:

Andrei Kirilenko (SF)
There was a groundswell of support for Kirilenko, whose ability to make plays from anywhere, cover multiple positions, protect the rim and provide help defense, make him a classic insurgent against a team of All-Stars.

5. Finally, thank you to Leo Dirr at City Weekly for including Jazz Fanatical / Living and Dying by the Jazz on his “Top 10 Utah Jazz Blogs” list. It truly is an honor for little ol’ me.

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  1. Yucca Man permalink
    February 20, 2010 1:18 am

    Where’d you get the Nets photo? And who is it?

    And doesn’t it perfectly summarize their season: 1 step forward and 15 steps back :: make a dunk, player’s head falls off.

    And I love the metaphor for CJ. Sitting on the pot, waiting for the upside to make its grand entry into the universe.

    • AK-47 FTW! permalink*
      February 20, 2010 7:43 am

      it’s yi, and i found it scrolling through game photos on Yahoo! Sports.


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