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Game 53 @ NO: The Sting of Mansap

February 18, 2010

Hey both of you, please take a look in the mirror. This isn’t a good look for either of you.

12 Jazz TOs in the first 14 minutes. Recipe for apoplexy disaster, right? Well, it almost was, except for the luck of the Hornets playing worse than the Jazz did. Thanks to the beautiful hustle of Mansap, the Jazz were able to stay in the game. They didn’t manage to shake the Hornets until the closing minutes, but this win was at least of higher quality than yesterday’s. If you’re keeping count, that’s four unconvincing, undominating games in a row. One possible factor contributing to both of the last two statements: today was the first time in four games that >50% of AK’s shots were taken at the rim. More on that tomorrow (possibly). This was also the second straight game in which an Andrei dunk iced the game.

On the trade deadline:
Boozer’s been very vocal lately not just about not wanting any trades, but also not expecting any trades [somehow I think that’s about him not wanting to get traded rather than what’s best for the team, but that’s just me]. He reiterated his stance after the game: “I don’t anticipate us doing anything. I know some other teams have made some moves that strengthened their team, but for us, I think we have enough in this locker room to do whatever we can do this year.”

On the other hand, when Deron was asked whether the team should be kept together, he said, “We’re playing very well right now, that’s on management to decide. I feel like we have a strong team, [but] if there’s a deal that can make us better, who knows?” He also said, “The rumors sound good.”

I doubt anything’s going to happen despite Dallas, Portland and [it looks like] Houston all getting stronger. /sad face

P.S. Don’t want to jinx anything, so I state this as a fact: At this moment in time, we do not have a losing road record. See below for details.

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