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Game 52 @ HOU: Well, the glass isn’t empty, but…

February 17, 2010

Call me a downer if you want, but I didn’t like what I saw tonight. That’s three games in a row now that the Jazz haven’t come ready to play. Unless they learn to play all four quarters, how are they going to make any noise in the Playoffs?

The first 2.5 quarters were sloppy, unprecise, unexecuting. We were playing the Rockets’ game, rather than making them play ours, and AK was camping out by the perimeter. On the other end of the court, the Rockets made about 186 threes. Thanks to our hustle guys, however, errant, wild passes that went nowhere were sometimes saved, and bad jump shots were sometimes tipped in. In the end, it wasn’t the “stars” that saved the game. It was AK, Sap, Korver (who made the most of 15 second half minutes, and who makes me not want to see CJ and his bad jacking on the court at all), and Memo (who had his second good game in recent memory).

As for Boozer, I knew from tip-off that he was going to settle for missed jumpers, play sloppy, and be made into mincemeat in the post all night. I could see it in his eyes, which looked the same as they did in the last weeks of last season. I know how that sounds, but it’s the truth. He had 8 points in the first quarter, but scored only four more the rest of the way. (Nissalke’s solution: Boozer needs to take more shots. Give me a break.)

To conclude on an unrelated note, every team has fans or maybe even employees that make the entire fan base or franchise look bad, e.g. the Jazz fans that boo Fisher every time he comes back to the ESA. I honestly can’t say why I listen to KFAN when my involuntary reponse to 80% of the things they say is muttering “shut up” repeatedly, but today was one of the days that make me question how some KFAN employees have jobs.

In the pre-game, the on-air personalities were talking about George Karl’s situation, and Ben Bagley’s reaction was a mix of “Door’s open [for the Jazz]” and “Hope he gets better.” He then went on to say that it’s OK for Jazz fans to have a selfish initial reaction when hearing news like that.

I just want to say that it’s not OK, and not all Jazz fans are disgusting people like that. Thoughts go out to George Karl and his family.

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