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Game 49 vs. DEN: All AK, All the Time, All the Way

February 7, 2010

Everyone wanna be like AK.

I haven’t felt this excited about the Jazz since the Stockton-to-Malone era. Yes, we had that 12-game win streak last year, but the difference this year is the play of AK. As a to-the-death AK supporter, I always knew he still had it, and I’m thrilled to be seeing it firsthand. He is just absolutely wowing me. Honestly, I feel blessed and so lucky to be a Jazz fan. All right, onto the game:

Despite bad stretches in which the Jazz settled for bad jump shots (What up Doe!) that allowed the Nuggets to stay in it, and despite bad stretches of stagnant offense even when Deron was on the court, we were able to keep our composure and put it away.

Interesting that KK was the odd man out again. I say “interesting,” because fans felt that CJ was taking way too many bad shots and wanted him subbed out. The coaches must have seen something we didn’t, however, because after the game Phil Johnson talked about how well CJ played. Meanwhile, OMSW, who wasn’t very sweet tonight, got minutes to guard Rider, but he was 1-8 and had 3 BAs. And Kyle didn’t get on the floor. Interesting.

Memo and Boozer both got into early foul trouble, which was good in the sense that it meant more AK and Sap. Unfortunately, Sap proceeded to get callraped by the officials and fouled out in less than 26 minutes. Fortunately, we had AK to save us. Bad things happen when AK is off the floor, and good things happen when he’s on it. It’s as simple as that.

Other bits:
There was some halftime comedy when they showed a pre-taped segment of Matty interviewing DWill and asking Deron to identify the most unathletic player he’s ever played with in the NBA. Deron’s answer:

Also, did the NBA cancel its dress code? How come Melo and Chauncey were able to sit on the bench in their warmups?

To sum this one up:
AK for All-Star!!!

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