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Off-Day Odds and Ends

February 5, 2010

1. “Junior Money,” aka the latest addition to the Okur family, will be arriving on Feb. 21. Yeliz has scheduled a C-section for that day, and Memo will therefore probably be sitting out at least one road game (Jazz’s third game against Portland in 3.5 weeks). Boler might want to start working on his “Mm-mm-mm-Money-Senior!” call.

2. Following the Jazz’s [most recent] win against Portland, Jerry said, “(Power forward) has always been Andrei’s best position.” Does anyone else find that kind of maddening? I’m definitely a Jerry supporter, but it’s like he hasn’t put Andrei in a position to succeed. Andrei’s freakish versatility can share the blame, but imagine if he played other Jazzmen out of position. I don’t think that would go over well. (And yes, I know AK recently said that he prefers playing the 3, but still.)

3. Jerry apparently nicknamed Hot Rod “America’s Guest” due to Hot Rod’s penchant for not picking up bills, even when he’s eating by himself. LOL.

4. It’s clear by now (if not long ago) that Sap is starting PF material. However, he’s fully accepted that he’ll be going back to the bench when Boozer comes back.

“It’s going to be good for the playoffs — to have guys like Wesley Matthews come of the bench, C.J. Miles come off the bench, myself come off the bench,” Millsap said. “It’s going to be real crucial for us to continue to play like we’re playing.”

All the starting and Boozer issues aside, Sap deserves high praise for being the consummate professional and team player.

5. A quote from Henry Abbott, because I just love it, and it’s a reflection of how I’ve been feeling:

Last night I came this close to breaking all those rules to dial David Thorpe (father of young twins) at midnight, screaming: “The Utah Jazz are f—ing amazing!

He goes on to praise the Jazz and OMSW, and give extremely high praise to Deron.

6. The Jazz brass is considering bringing back the music note for next season (yay!)…but with “updated” colors of blue, yellow, and green (ick! and so unjazzy!). Hopefully, it’ll look great, because I am dying for a new AK-47 jersey, and I’m so not a fan of our current blah-meh personality-free unis (despite owning Deron ones in the home whites and baby blue).

Whether the Jazz fan base is older (and by “older”, I mean “old and nostalgic”) than anyone realized, or whether it’s super young and retro is therefore “cool”, Jazz fans are enormously in favor of the move:

7. “LeBron James is the lamest person to ever play professional basketball” (The LeBron James News Herald via Sloan’d)

Cavaliers forward LeBron James has the uncanny ability to see things before they happen.

[James] admits that he can see plays develop before they happen.

“It’s the truth,” he said. “I see things happen before even my teammates see it. That’s why I get some turnovers some times. It’s a God-given ability I have. I try to use it to my advantage.”

C: If he can see everything before it develops, then how does he ever lose?

M: must be his teammates who fail him.

C: I expect Kobe to come out with some sort of statement to show that he’s even better.

M: e.g. God speaks to him and told him that he was put on this earth to play basketball. and that he’s in the Bible, which if you read carefully enough, is really about him.

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