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Quick Odds and Ends

January 29, 2010

1. Deron will be an All-Star this year. Not a fan of the All-Star Game, but congrats to Deron. I’m now wondering, how many teams in the league/NBA history have started 5 former and current All-Stars? Our starting lineup is 80% former/current All-Star, as is Boston’s. Does someone want to do the research and let me know?

2. Why have all these fans got their panties in a twist over Greg Miller’s tweet?

Apparently many fans are upset and even the Salt Lake Tribune called it “a brash message.”

Are you kidding me? First of all, it’s not controversial or condescending (as some fans claim) in the least. Second, he’s the owner, and he can say whatever he wants. Third, you kind of have to figure that the people getting upset about it are the ones that jumped off the wagon; otherwise, why would they be taking it so personally? Or maybe the Jazz fan base does deserve its hypersensitive reputation…

3. There’s a little deja vu going on with Memo right now. If you recall, Memo completely lost his offense during the 2007 Playoffs because he was expending all his energy playing defense on Yao Ming.

We seem to have something similar going on now. Memo has been playing surprisingly good D lately, but his offense has gone MIA. He’s averaging 1.5 blocks per game for the month of January (compared to his career BPG of 0.7), which is kind of funny because fans out there are ripping on him like crazy while at the same time continuing to demand a trade for the shot-blocking center savior.

If Memo can somehow find a way to get his offense going again while doing what he’s been doing on D, pigs will be flying by my window and hell will have frozen over, a.k.a. he and Boozer could, in fact, co-exist???

4. This one comes courtesy of C (with the heading, “Sorry”):

Tim Duncan became the third player to score 20,000 points in a Spurs uniform with 25 against the Houston Rockets on Friday.

Duncan’s favorite foes
1. Jazz: 1,049 (22.3 ppg)
2. Kings: 1,023 (22.7)
3. Suns: 1,020 (22.7)
4. Grizzlies: 1,019 (23.2)
5. Rockets: 992 (21.1)

1,000+ points against the Jazz? Wow.

5. Finally, how much plastic surgery has Phil Jackson had??? He looks like a completely different person lately.

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