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Little Tiny Bits of Odds and Ends

January 27, 2010

1. Ladies and Gents…this is a historic first here at Living and Dying by the Jazz. Today, I am going to print a good Carlos Boozer quote (i.e. no “FB quotes” tag for this post). This is a total reversal of everything this blog stands for, so maybe….maybe some things have changed.* Here we go:

“AK was…AK is like, OMG, he’s amazing right now. I’m telling y’all, he’s our x-factor, Imma keep preaching that til somebody tell me different, but AK-47 is the reason why we’ve been winning. He’s been playing phenomenal.” — Carlos Boozer, after the Phoenix game (KFAN mp3)

2. I dreamt a week ago that the Jazz ended up with the #9 pick in the 2010 NBA Draft. You heard it here first.

3. Everyone should read this: The Tao of Steve Nash, the Bono of Basketball

4. This article talks about the options open to the Wizards going forward, and how the team will likely have problems attracting free agents. Laughed at a certain part in this paragraph, you know, because I’m a Jazz fan:

The only other option, then, is rebuilding through the draft, which leaves the new blood no choice but to sign in D.C. The best point of reference here is the Jailblazers, who were gradually disassembled as the front office stressed the importance of character. And then, a very smart GM made a point of drafting character guys who also happened to play a little ball — don’t forget, Chris Paul had a certain nut-punch going against him. That’s the classic, and most stark, approach to rebuilding, but also the most time-consuming, risky, and without Kevin Pritchard or Geoff Petrie at the helm, a good way to end up with a decade of mediocrity. (Fanhouse)

*Still Debbie Downerly expecting a bad loss tomorrow at Portland, however.

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