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Game 42 @ SA: Bewitched (Jazz), Bothered (SA), and Bewildered (Me)

January 21, 2010

The Jazz are so going to lose.

1st quarter (early):
What the…the Jazz are amazing! The Jazz are great! Wooh–

1st quarter (late):
Frak. This is vintage Utah Jazz. So predictable. Ugh. Deron is in foul trouble. Double ugh.

2nd quarter:
WTF? 25-0 Spurs run? The Jazz suck. Seriously. They seriously suck.

3rd quarter:
…suppress the hope…there’s just no way…suppress the hope…

4th quarter:
…don’t breathe…don’t breathe…Boozer saves the day!

Despite the aforementioned Spurs 25-0 run that spanned the first and second quarters, the Jazz managed to play steady, i.e. not collapse, and held a tenuous 5ish-point lead through the 4th quarter. However, the Spurs clawed the gap (clawed their way + closed the gap) down to three with 48 seconds left off of Tony Parker FTs. Deron and Boozer hit a combined 6 FTs sandwiched between a Hill miss, Parker make, and Parker miss, aaaaand GAME.

Yall know what an AK fan I am, but I have to ask, in what kind of alternate reality universe does Andrei Kirilenko make 11-15 shots?! AK hasn’t been shooting as awful as it seems like in my mind (I’d’ve said that AK has been shooting about 25% this month, but actually he’s at 50%, though before tonight he was 2-11 from 3-point land). Anyway, AK summed it up post-game with two words: “Jeff Hornacek.” Good going, Horny. And one more thing: Going forth Boozer, dunk it EVERY DAMN TIME. Anyway, in the end, I just really have to hand it to the Jazz for holding it together and competing. Now let’s put together a string of games like that.

–KK took 0 shots in 7 minutes, while CJ made 0 (of 5) shots in 17 minutes.
–AK and Boozer combined to hit 23-32 (72%); Sap was 5-7 (71%); the rest of the team was an appalling 9-40 (22.5%).
–The Jazz made 87.5% of their FTs compared to their season average of 73.4%, which is good for third worst in the league. Deron has been far from reliable from the line this season, but went 11-12.
–Boozer had half of the Jazz’s total turnovers by himself, but the good news is that the Jazz only threw the ball away 11 times; Deron had 0 against 10 assists. The Jazz are now 4-10 when Boozer has 4+ turnovers.
–The Jazz (9, with Boozer and Memo combining for 5) had more blocks than their opponent (7); I don’t know the stats, but I’d say this happens, like, never. All 9 Jazz blocks were on Spurs starters.

P.S. A lot of people (helloooooo, KFAN on-air personalities) want to talk about the first Jazz sweep of SA since the last century, but I personally think it’s as big a deal as Deron’s 3,000th assist, i.e. not noteworthy in the least. Honestly, I don’t think the Jazz are a better team than the Spurs. /ducks

(But I am sorta happy that Duncan didn’t get his 20,000th point against the Jazz. I already know what C’s reaction will be: “Why are you so mean to Tim???”)

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