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Odds and Ends in Quotes

January 17, 2010

1. “Boy, Jerry had some big ones last night.” — Scout’s text to David Locke on the 4th quarter lineup of undrafted rookies and second-rounders that Jerry used vs. the Cavs.

2. Unintentional dirty quote machine? “Don’t believe I did. I’ve been on the table for a fight–but I always was on the bottom. I never ended up on top of anybody.” –Jerry, on whether he ever jumped on the scorers’ table a la Sundiata.

3. “I mention it to them, but I don’t go around with a handful of candy. — Jerry, on whether he tells Fes and Kosta that the organization likes their progress even if they don’t get into games.

4. “That,” [Deron Williams] said, “is why I’m growing my beard. Because I said we can win five in a row.” If the Jazz can manage a win tomorrow, it would make five.

5. “He’s a highly energetic guy, reminds me of myself a lot in a lot of ways because I made a lot of mistakes because I was in too big a hurry til I calmed down…he’s got tremendous energy, you don’t want to take that away from him.” –Jerry on Ronnie Price. Is that the highest praise ever? If this roster had what Jerry had mentally as a player, we’d be the champs. I have no doubt about that.

6. Reporter: Millsap says he can outshoot you. What do you think?
CJ: No comment.
Reporter: That’s it? No comment?
CJ: Yeah. Because it’s not true. I’m not going to entertain Paul Millsap.

7. “He made his shots. He looked very comfortable shooting the ball, but the thing that upset me a little bit was he looked too comfortable running back down the floor defensively.” –Jerry, on CJ’s night against the Bucks. Jerry did, however, go on to excuse CJ, saying that he’d been under the weather the past few days and probably didn’t have a great deal of energy.

8. “I’ve been trying to make a valiant effort to just defend and take that challenge.” –CJ, saying that he gets what Jerry wants from him.

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