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In Today’s Edition of “Who Dressed Him?!”…

January 14, 2010

…we have Timmy Duncan, who, let’s face it, has never been the sharpest dresser in the toolshed.

I probably would have missed this horrible navy pants-black striped shirt-gray blazer emsemble, but C (once again, a Spurs fan) emailed me to say:

you’re going to put Tim in who dressed him, aren’t you?

and adds:

I thought the white shirt inside the striped shirt was bad too, and his pants were too high as well.

So, there you go.

On a related note, here is some of C’s wisdom from yesterday, when the Spurs smacked that Lakerbitch up–

My theory: looks like the Spurs may blow out the Lakers, so Kobe pretends to have an injury and leaves the court to escape blame for the loss.

and today, when the Head Bitch suddenly felt all better–

wow, what a miraculous recovery by Kobe.

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