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Game 38 vs. MIA: In an alternate universe galaxy far far away…

January 12, 2010

Whoa…What? What happened tonight? What’s going on? Who were the men in white? Were there any UFO sightings in the Salt Lake City area in the past 24 hours?

Take a gander at this:

The Jazz shot the lights out, took care of the ball, and doubled their steal average. Not only that, but in what kind of bizarre fantasy alternate world does Memo get 5 blocks, including 4 blocks on four different Heat (Heatmen? Heaters?) in a seven-minute span, while Wade goes scoreless in the second half????

The boys just made it look so easy, and just plain ran over the Heat from the get-jump (as Ronnie Price says). It was beautiful and thrilling and incredibly alien to see. It certainly wasn’t supposed to be like this, as Wade averages 30 PPG and is 10-1 against the Jazz for his career. The Jazz were unprecedentedly active on defense, with 7 Jazzmen getting at least one steal and Memo getting the aforementioned five blocks.

Apart from three steals, Ronnie Brew had six boards and eight assists, which means that in the last four games, he’s averaging 5.5 rebounds and 7.3 assists (compared to his season averages of 3.8 and 2.8, respectively). Memo, who blessedly stopped pump faking and finally took some 3s, hit 2 of 3 treys and is now shooting 60% from behind the arc for the month. OMSW was on. A starting AK (monster dunks) was on. Deron (on NINJA fi-yah from long range) and Boozer (full flashy arsenal of moves, including dunks, and no BAs) were on. And the result? A nice, cushiony 20- to 30-point lead throughout the night.

And did I mention that Memo had 5 blocks? Out of all of today’s out-of-the-Jazz-world stats, that was the fairest most mind-blowing of them all.

As wonderful and beautiful as what-Jazz-basketball-is-supposed-to-look-like is, tonight begs the question, WHY HAVEN’T WE BEEN GETTING THIS EVERY NIGHT FOR THREE SEASONS??? (Note to self: Quit it with the expectations. You’re just setting yourself up for disappointment.)

Finally, some Yahoo! fail:

Compulsory disclaimer: I must reiterate that a trade or some change is still needed. A win doesn’t change that, unless it’s preceded and succeeded by bunches of other wins. This especially needs to be said today even more than usual because Locke interviewed KOC before the game and KOC said that he has seen more consistency and better defense over the past 4-5 games, and that if we just improve a little (“improve” as in play better, not make a trade and improve the roster), we are not just in the hunt, but in the hunt for home court.

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