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Update: Deron vs. TOs

January 9, 2010

In regards to the last post on the Boozer TO effect on wins and losses, Hardwood Paroxysm said, “Although I suppose without knowing what the numbers are, Deron’s record with 4+ could be similar…Would be nifty to look at.”

Nifty look incoming:

First and foremost, Deron’s turnover numbers are flat-out disgusting (being a DWill fantasy owner, I’ve been moaning about this all season). He has had 2 games each with 5, 6, and 7 TOs.

Unlike with Boozer though, the Jazz seem to be able to withstand DWill’s miscues. They are 11-11 when Deron has 3+ turnovers, 9-5 when he has 4+, and 3-3 when he has 5+. Conversely, the Jazz are 8-10 when Deron has 3 or less TOs.

So, just to follow the format of the last post:

–The Jazz are 9-5 when Deron has 4 or more TOs, and 8-10 when he has 3 or less.

–8 of the Jazz’s 16 losses so far were by 10 or more points.

–Deron had 4 or more TOs in 3 of those 8 losses.

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