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The Jazz will trade anyone but Deron?

January 5, 2010
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According to Yahoo! Sports, “the Utah Jazz appear willing to trade anyone on their roster but point guard Deron Williams.”

The article also says that Jerry has told the Front Office that he wants to keep Boozer around for the Playoffs (boo!; good one Jerry, as if we’re going to make the Playoffs), and that there are no takers for AK’s contract (yay!). It also says that teams interested in Boozer want “assurances” he will re-sign with them after this year. That, if you ask me, is completely ridiculous. Who in their right mind would take Boozer’s word for it even if he did pinky-swear with a cherry on top that he has every intention of re-signing? Give me a break.

At this point, whatever you want to do, just do it. Get a trade or trades done, like, yesterday. I’m so done with this team. I still tune in for every game, but all the passion and excitement is gone and I watch my screen with dead, jaded eyes. No mas.

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