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My New Shirts Have Arrived!

January 1, 2010
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Now I have something to wear for the New Year!

Random Ramble 1:
Regarding shirt on left, C says that Stock’s shorts are too long and that Karl doesn’t look anything like Karl. I say that Karl’s arms are too skinny and wonder why the artist decided to mix-and-match 40-year old John and Karl’s faces (seriously, that’s old John and shaved head Karl) with “J” note uniforms.

Random Ramble 2:
Have I ever mentioned that I am an absolute sucker and will buy anything that says “Jazz” or has the Jazz logo on it? The other day, I bought this black hoodie that said “Jazz ____” even though I can’t make out the second word (I think it might be “-eous”; C thinks it says “Club,” so that tells you how ridiculous the purchase was).

So my original point, which got lost as usual, is that I keep buying random Jazz paraphernalia even though and when 1) American websites like to gouge out the eyes of international addressees with their shipping charges; 2) all the smaller sizes are sold out and only Men’s XXL, which hangs on me like a floor-length muumuu nightgown, is available. I have not, however, sunk to the level of purchasing pink glitter items.

Aaaaaaanyway, happy new year everyone and


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