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Game 30 vs. 76ers: Jazz Win!!! Jazz Win!!!

December 27, 2009

Yahoo’s messed up box score made me laugh, because for a lot of the game it did seem like all we had was DWill.

This one was a good win that, strangely enough, the Jazz began to put away in the third quarter. Not unusually at all though, they got off to a slow, sluggish start and there were legitimate concerns that the 76ers would go back to Philly/their hotel with the win. Fortunately, we had the Ninja on our side and he put this one to bed.

…I am feeling so uninspired…

[Read on only if you want Scrooginess] See, the thing is, the Jazz have the talent to beat any team in this league, but they usually end up losing to any team in the league instead. We have Deron running the point, AK doing it all, a back-to-the-basket player (when he wants to), a giant in the post, shooters that can stroke it, down and dirty defenders (when they want to), etc.

This isn’t like the ’03-’04 team, which lost a lot of games because they were AK-and-that’s-it and were outmatched every night. This team, for whatever reason, just doesn’t have heart or a compete mode or the ability to concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time. They have the talent to beat anyone, which is why they are able to win some games, but when it’s a close or competitive game, they somehow forget everything they ever learned in practice and fall apart spectacularly. This team, as presently built, is going nowhere because a certain mentality or the desire to win is missing, and we see them all too often just going through the motions. And that’s why, as a Jazz fan, it’s hard to get excited anymore.

/end Scroogey ramble, for now.

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