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Game 29 @ MIA: Recipe for Failure

December 24, 2009

True story: as I alternated between the radio and video streams during the 3rd quarter, I thought about going outside and standing on the street and awaiting a car accident since I apparently have a secret enjoyment for watching tragedy unfold. As I’d bitten the inside of my mouth two days ago and it’s hurting like crazy, I ultimately decided to pop open a bag of insanely red “Flamin’ Hot” Cheetos and chomp and crunch my way through it. And this story, like the one told by Shums after the Atlanta game about someone knocking on his patio door, was “brought to you purely to underscore how UTTERLY AWFUL this game was.

Boozer scored the Jazz’s first 12 points, and then proceeded to go 1-8 the rest of the way. In other words, he used the first quarter to show his best bud DWade and Pat Riley what he can do on the floor, and the other three that he’ll do whatever it takes to help the Heat win if they sign him (kidding, kidding. Sort of). Along the way, Boozer (4), Memo (4), and Deron (6) managed to collect 14 TOs. Miami (36%) shot even worse than the Jazz (37.5%) and got called for 4 more fouls, but the Jazz still lost. Again.

P.S. I have the KFAN post-game on, and C [just to reiterate, a Spurs fan] strolled in just now and said, “They only scored 70? David [Robinson] once scored 71 by himself.”

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