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Game 28 @ ORL: Utah is an Execution-Free State

December 22, 2009

–When your defense is so porous it’s the new Swiss cheese;
–When your offense is more stagnant than Florida swamps;
–When you sub out Sap, who’s playing tremendously, for Boozer with the game on the line;
–When your shots all look like examples from a “Shots Not to Take” instructional video;
–When you’re Mehmet Okur and you’d rather pump fake and drive your way into traveling calls rather than shoot 3s;
–When the only guy on the floor that can hit a shot is AK;
–When you abandon the coach’s offense because you think your ideas are better…

You’re going to lose. And sadly, this was typical Jazz ball.

With this roster, it’s never “They’ll win this game if they play like they did on Wednesday/against XXX”; it’s always “They’ll win this game if they play like they did in X Quarter on Wednesday/against XXX.” Can’t blame fans for staying away from the ESA. When is management going to come to terms with the absolute fact that this team is going absolutely nowhere? I (and many others, I’m sure) had no faith or hope that the Jazz could come back once the Magic got the lead, and I hate that.

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