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Game 27 @ CHA: Crisis Averted

December 20, 2009

Welcome back, Mr. Miles.

Another late collapse and opponent run, but at least we held on for the win this time.

Something must be done about our lineup though. I know it’s a difficult and thankless task trying to get everyone minutes and work all the back-from-injury players back into the rotation, but things are a bloody mess right now. 80% of our starting lineup excels at lackluster, “we deserve to be collectively yanked” play (80% because Wesley did not enter the game again tonight after playing the first seven minutes), and the starters, as whole, totaled 2 steals (both by Ronnie B) and one blocked shot, and all of them were blocked once. Memo is in a mother of a slump, Deron and Sap combined for 11 TOs, and Boozer played like he had melting sticks of butter for fingers. 20 TOs for the game, and if the ‘Cats hadn’t had 21, this could have easily been another loss.

I like Matthews, and/but I think CJ 2.0 needs to get minutes if he keeps playing like he did tonight, and/but I like that Jerry is willing to shake things up and try different things, and/but let’s try to get Fes some more minutes, though, ok? I know I’m rambling, but I have no idea what to make of this team right now.

And how can I, when, as Matty pointed out in the Broadcaster Recap after the Magic game on 12/10, this team has no identity?

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